Philip Island Racetrack

November 1985 we were given the opportunity to visit and drive around the original Philip Island Racetrack. It hadn’t been in use for a number of years and when we arrived we had to wait while they moved livestock that was grazing the area.Control Tower Feb 1988


February 1988 we paid another visit to the Island track, it really was an amazing experience to be driving on the same track as so many famous drivers had done before us.1985 tower

Heading from the main straight down into turn 1, the view was absolutely breathtaking.1985 first turn

November 1988, the last time we would get to drive around the track but this time it was on the new surface and as the photo shows the Pit Buildings were already in place…the old girl was coming back to life and we were among the first people to get to try the new track out.Pit Lane Nov 1988

On the start grid in fron of the new control tower ready to go…Start Grid Nov 1988