At the 2018 Chryslers on the Murray the 50th ANNIVERSARY of the JAVELIN & AMX made HISTORY with 15 Javelins & 5 AMX coming together in the one place.

COTM 2018Chryslers On The Murray Show 2018   Craig Norling.

This year saw a large contingent of AMC owners & enthusiasts make their way to Albury for the 5th Annual AMC/Rambler Show being held in conjunction with the very large and popular Chryslers On The Murray event.

There had been a big build-up for this year’s event for it is 50 years since the introduction of the Javelin & AMX and there was definitely no disappointment with the turnout of AMC’s in attendance. There was an array of models on show, including Javelins, AMX’s, Matadors, Rebels, Hornets, Americans & I think some Classics, everyone that made the trek to Albury would have been feeling the buzz to see such a display of AMC’s.

The AMC display was very impressive and very popular with all who came to look at the show. The Javelins & AMX’s were well represented and I cannot remember seeing a larger gathering of these two models at the one time. We saw cars we hadn’t seen before including a ’72 Javelin/AMX Trans Am replica as well as what I believe was a ’69 AMX Hurst S/S replica. I’m not sure who would have travelled the longest distance to get there in their car but perhaps this award may go to the new owner of the ex-Ray Sprague Amx#24 which came down from Qld for the weekend.

Saturday night we had a very entertaining get-together at one of the local clubs for all the AMC people and a few of us thereafter participated in the customary street cruising around Albury that has become a real tradition. With the main road into Albury lined with people in deck chairs and standing many deep along the footpaths you feel it’s a bit like a “mini Woodward”, you have to do this at least once to experience it.

A few of us still had some action as we made our way back home to Melbourne, Graham Stevenson lost his battery charge not far from home and had to be flat towed after breaking down at a major intersection, my car had a blowout on the front at 70mph while going around a bend on the Hume freeway which was an experience I don’t look forward to again and while Ray Wilson was trailering his Javelin home his tow vehicle developed a problem which resulted in the trailer being hooked up to the Javelin and then trailering the tow vehicle home on the trailer.(just as well the Javelin had a towbar!)

All in all it was a great weekend and to all those who participated, well done.  A special thank you must go to Jason Chaplin who we saw all over the park for the entire weekend helping organise so many things for us and the cars, thanks Jason!

And thanks also to the Fripp brothers who with their tent and very interesting array of mostly NOS Rambler & AMC spare parts they brought along for sale provided us with some very much appreciated shelter from what always is a hot Albury sun.

Finally the show was covered by Fletch of Classic Resto’s car show. If you watch this episode (via the link below) you will see a bit of our cars in passing. (minute marker 9:25 Fletch talks about Chrysler buying out American Motors and at 20:33 he talks about the 50th Anniversary)