The AMC Javelin Register is not a car club but a group of owners of AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION  ‘68 – ‘74 JAVELINS who came together due to their common interest and love of these unique Muscle Cars.

The purpose of the Register is to document all remaining examples of the AMC JAVELIN in   Australia and to bring together those owners interested in participating in Club runs and events.

The AMC Javelin is a true Muscle Car from the late sixties that was sent from America to Australia in unassembled form. AMI (Australian Motor Ind.) built the Javelins in Melbourne using some local parts and manufacturing others to suit as required. The new price at that time was similar to the luxury cars such as Jaguar, and twice as much as the local Monaros and GTHO’s.


The Register publishes a quarterly Newsletter in March, June, September and December and offers all members access to any information at its disposal including workshopmanuals.

Membership Fees are $ 15.00 per year for hard copy or $10.00 for email only, please email using the CONTACT US page or phone for a Membership Form.